Tim Mukherjee


Tim Mukherjee is a composer and performer based in New York City. His writes for acoustic and electronic instruments amd media. He has conducted operas, orchestras, vocal and instrumental ensembles and has worked with Jeff Lohn, Karole Armitage, Boston’s Dinosaur Annex and Composers in Red Sneakers. He also plays in an electronic improvisatory group, RMA.

Tim attended UCLA where he earned his BA in music composition, studying with Alden Ashforth, Paul Reale and Henri Lazarof. He went on to earn his MA and PhD degrees at Harvard University where he studied with Earl Kim, Leon Kirchner, Fred Lerdahl and Ivan Tcherepnin. He attended two sessions of the Dartington Summer Festival where he studied with Peter Maxwell Davies, Tim Souster and Robert Saxton. He taught for a while at Boston Conservatory and Bowdoin College, leaving academia to do music technology full time.

In music technology, Tim has been active in the music software industry, joining Mark of the Unicorn (MoTU) at the beginning of their music software product development and was one of the creators of Professional Composer, their initial music notation editor and Performer, now called Digital Performer, a Digital Audio Workstation application. He is still active in music software, creating proprietary applications for his own use. He also spent some time at IRCAM and the MIT Media Lab researching music workstation concepts.